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I've found a reason to live

from now on, I'm going to live for the girl

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Name:Teresa of the Faint Smile
I always thought my best feature was my long black hair.

But the people I trusted sold me to the Organization, and on that day I lost everything. To die as a beggar or become a tool of the Organization, I didn't have much choice. It wasn't just me, either. It was like that for everyone who joined. No one ever willingly comes knocking on the Organization's door.

My body was cut open, too. I ceased to become human and became something else. In that moment, my cherished black hair, my black eyes - all the color drained from my body, leaving only these shining silver eyes.

Teresa was a normal, pretty little girl. Until a yoma came to her village and ate her family's intestines. Unloved, untrusted, cast out from her home, she was sold to the Organization that defends people from the yoma. They took her in, trained her, and cut her open and implanted the flesh and blood of a yoma. She became a warrior, one of those often called Claymores, for the heavy broadsword each of them carries on her back.

And what a warrior - half human, half monster, Teresa rose to rank no. 1 in the Organization, unmatched in prowess, slaying yoma after yoma, never needing to use even enough of her yoma power for her eyes to change color. Cutting down monsters with always a faint smile on her face. Teresa of the Faint Smile.

Until one day a little girl, as broken and abused as Teresa herself had once been, reached out to the terrifying warrior, to offer comfort. A girl who looked past the monstrous silver eyes and saw the pain and sadness behind them. Who finally reached out and touched her.

Teresa found a reason to live.

And the Organization sent her comrades to cut her down.

Physical Description
Teresa is of above average height, slender build, with long wavy hair that cascades past her shoulders. She is pale, and blonde, with silver eyes and virtually no colour. She is usually to be found wearing white, silver armor, grey cloak. And ALWAYS carrying a long heavy broadsword with an ease that betrays her strength as superhuman.

Metaphysical Description
Aside from being dead, Teresa is very much not human. She has the aura of a powerful demon within her, that even without being drawn upon, can be sensed by those with the right abilities as being very strong indeed.

On the flip side, she is also very highly attuned to demonic auras in others. If you have a demonic taint, or magic, or anything comparable, Teresa can sense the strength and the speed of that power within your body. If this looks like it may be relevant in a thread, the mun requests early OOC contact (and I'll try to do the same)

Psychological Description
Psychic/empathic characters are advised to use caution. Teresa has massive, unchecked, PTSD and no telepathic wards or guards whatsoever (no telepathy in her world). If you're going to poke around in there, do so with caution.


Teresa is from the manga series Claymore, by Norihiro Yagi. This is a roleplaying journal, and no profit is being made.

Mun can be found at [info]innerbrat
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